The Painter and the Paint Bucket: A new explanation for Technical Debt

Technical Debt is a metaphor that explains about the consequences of doing an incomplete work, in which software development problems are compared with a debt acquired by means a loan, relating those problems to both the principal and the interests of that debt. This analogy will be understood if the target audience have somewhat common […]

A Semantic Versioning convention of Corporate or Parent POMs

Maven allows us to inherit from parent POMs to allow reuse of project or corporate standards, like: Forcing a given minimum maven version. Using a specific library version. Defining an exact plugin version (for maximum build reproducibility). If the IT organization share some basic configurations across all their project, it usually represent it as a […]

Things to consider before doing big refactorings in small businesses

When someone in the team advice to carry out a big refactoring, seems like a revelation made present into the room. There are the ones that look really surprised and find the proposition somewhat bold and there are others that may think “finally! someone brings this subject to the table!” If you are lucky, the […]